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Mapping Career Account and Printing Resources

Purdue has recently changed how printing is approached on campus.  Purdue University is pleased to introduce print release stations.  With this new method users will be able to send a print job from a computer and print it to any ITaP printer on campus within a 6 hour window.  In addition users who already have a ITaP printer mapped and wish to continue using a single printer should not see any change. To learn more please visit:

Purdue residents may wish to map their H drive and network printers from their personally owned computer. Instructions for mapping the Purdue "H drive" can be found here:

The following printers have been replaced with newer models so if you have one of them mapped you may need to delete the printer and remap it in order to get the new drivers.

  • erhtc239-1
  • fstc1h04-1
  • ha234-1
  • harrc212-1
  • hawk119g-1
  • hillc129-1
  • mcutc216-1
  • mrdh146s-1
  • cqswbh01-1
  • owenc116-1
  • pvcc139-1
  • shrvc215-1
  • tarkc201-1
  • wilyc215a-1
  • wood147-1
Posted Jun 04, 2012
(Updated Mar 23, 2013)